Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend spending

Total spent...aghhh...I don't even want to think about it, let alone write it!

To start off on a positive note, Friday was a no spend day :-) Yay! I then had to get up a 6am on Saturday morning to meet up with my best friends for some pre-wedding trial runs. We spent about 6 hours getting our hair and make-up done (4 of us) and spent no money! I did however spend $1.90 on tolls on my way up. We then headed over to where the shower was being held to help get things set-up, then headed to my parents who only lived 45 mins away verse 2 hours. Along the way we stopped to by the present.

Side ramble. The Walmart by my parents is the most ghetto one I've ever been too! They typically only have like 3 lanes open, it's dirty, and no one (ok, hardly anyone speaks English). My mom told me that they clean it up not too long ago, they widen the aisles, have a nicer lay out, made it over all more appealing. So we stopped their to pick up the present. There registry machine was down (not sure why they only have one for a store that big, but whatever), but we finally got a list from the internet, found what we wanted and headed to the check out. We waited probably 20 minutes in line, the only upside is that we saw Santa! Ok, maybe he was just an old guy with white hair and beard in a red sweat suit with a red cowboy hat...but he sure looked like Santa! So total spent at Walmart was $120.30.

I also wrote a check to my brother for $20.50 for front brake pads, and a rear brake light. Sadly, it looks like I will be spending more money on my car in the near as my left axle is torn(?) My struts are bad, and I need a new fuel filter. On the up side, my brother should be able to do all the work, so it won't cost me as much.

While I was away my hubby was completely and totally lost apparently and reverted into a bachelor lifestyle. He ate out instead of cooking, and he set up surround sound. He spent $28 on gas, and $10 on food.

Combined we spent $180.70 this weekend, and that did not include grocery shopping. One of the other bridesmaids still owes me $100 for all the cost put into the shower, so that should help a little.

I have no clue what I am making this week for dinner either. Maybe we can try and use up everything we have sitting around. There are a few staples we need though, like banana's, milk, eggs and butter.

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