Monday, March 9, 2009


Just a note that my sidebars have been updated! Well, at least some.
Hubby's school loans are now over halfway paid off!!! Super exciting! And our car fund is slowing creeping up.

Also, my glasses from Zenni Optical came in earlier than expected. I ordered them last Friday and were suppose to take 2 weeks, but took just over one. I was a little skeptical about ordering online, especially not trying them on first. I figured since I only wear them before bed, and the fact that I've had my current pair since at least freshman year of college, it couldn't hurt to try. I decided to get one of their $9.95 pairs, although they start as low as $8!

You can tell that they aren't as high quality as the ones you'd buy at the store, but they are great if you don't wear them much, or even as a back up pair. Maybe you've always worn metal frames and want to have a fun pair for a fashion statement. For under $20 it's worth a try!

For sizing I used my current pair as a reference, but if you have the time, you could go into the store and try different pairs on, and record their measurements and the styles you like.

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