Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 21st Spending

Total spent..$102.xx... and we splurged. I think this spending thing is getting out of control.

Almost $19 was on food out, and about $83 was on clothes. Yes, after everything I have gotten rid of, I purchased more. My sweetest deal was at New York and Company (I told you that's my fave store!) I purchased a gorgeous long, brown trench coat, a cute green cardigan, and a white sleeveless blouse. If I had bought at their original prices I would have paid $160! Luckily I hate to pay full price. Guess what I paid? Seriously take a guess...

$42.42! I paid a quarter of the price! The jacket itself was on sale for $45, but with my coupon and using their store credit card discount I saved almost $3 AND got 2 other items. Love it! I also got a fun skirt and another sleeveless top at Old Navy.

Our church did a community day yesterday, so we walked around a few parks and the streets picking up trash. It was fun doing with kids because they had such a different view on it. The got excited if the found the insole to a shoe, or a deflated ball, or even a beer bottle. "I CAN'T believe we found a BEER bottle!" they we squeal in excitement/astonishment. From there we left to have lunch at hubby's new fave restaurant...Qdoba. I have to admit, their food is really good (I am a sucker for Mexican), and their customer service is even better! A little pricey if you ask cost us just over $15 for both our burrito's, a side of chips and salsa and drinks. I ordered mine 'naked' so it came in a bowl instead of a tortilla, and I was able to take half of it home for dinner.

I have a ton to get done today, and I see others posting what they have to do on here, so I'm gonna give it a try :-) Plus you can hold me accountable...alright?

Sunday To Do List:
  • 2 loads of laundry DONE!
  • go to church DONE!
  • clean the kitchen Half done
  • straighten the living room DONE!
  • call mom DONE!
  • bake banana muffins DONE!
  • bake granola bars DONE!
  • do push-ups and stretch DONE!
  • go grocery shopping DONE!
  • read for group Half done


Canadian Saver said...

That coat looks great and the price is even better!!

Homemade granola bars, I need to make some too!

Brooke said...

love the trench! :) ( i enabling you??)

Simplelivin' said...

Thanks Canadian! :-)

lol yes Brooke, you are enabling me, but it's alright, I'm not planning on returning it.

Serendipity said...

It sounds like you had a great and productive day. :)