Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 28th Spending

Total spent...$65.66. Why does it always seem like we do so well during the week, and then the weekend comes and we spend? I guess it's good that we do it all at once, and not spread it out, buying something everyday.

$28.66 on gas for hubby, and $37.xx on supplies. We've had a running list of supplies needed for a little while now. I was running low (and out) of contact solution, same with toothpaste and few other key items. We had a few samples lying around, so as we ran out, we turned to them. Then when we ran out to pick them up, we also made a list of items that would be running out soon. That'll help save us more trips in the near future (hopefully). Although we spend $37, we save $22!

We had a birthday dinner last night without the birthday boy. Apparently he woke up with a 101+ fever. As much as he wanted to come, we asked him to keep his germs to himself. So that meant there were tons of leftovers, so we got load up on some yummy food. :-)

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