Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Recap

Wow, January is over and February has begun! It wasn't a horrible month, but it wasn't great either.
We went over in:
  • Electric ($50)
  • House hold supplies ($30)
  • School supplies ($13)
We came in under:
  • Groceries ($25)
  • Gas ($40)
We also went over in insurance because we had already paid for it through June and when we switch we had to pay for the plan for 6 months. We will be getting a refund from the old insurance so it cost us more up front, but will actually result in savings.

All in all we ended up being $8 over budget. As hubby pointed out, that's not bad, and could have been a lot worse. I look at it like we fail this month. Isn't that how people get into debt? By going over their budget "just a little"?

*** UPDATE***:
I totally forgot to post about how much debt we kicked to the curb in January!!!
$1896.43!!!! That's an extra $1619.09 then the minimum required!!! We are now down to $19,788.57. Let's so how close we can bring it to $18k in February.

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Keeping it Seriously Simple said...

One of my favourite slogans is "progress not perfection" :)

$8 over is a lot more progress than $8 under!