Monday, February 9, 2009

February 8th Spending

Total spent...a lot, $82.17!

We had to buy ink for our printer which ran us $44 for a dual pack for the colored and black and white. We don't print much, so they should last close to a year. Plus we brought back the old cartridges, so we will be getting a $6 rebate.

We then spent $38.17 on groceries, but saved $27.31. I am very proud of our grocery shopping skills lately. We have an every growing supply of food in our pantry. This weeks big deal was 4 boxes of multigrain cheerios, 2 bags of chex mix, a cake mix and icing all for like $6.50!

Yesterday was the nice it's been around here in a long was close to 50! We opened our windows to air out the place, I love the smell of fresh air. Everything just seems cleaner.

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Brandi said...

well...since most everything you bought was a necessity its not really falling off the wagon...its more like taking a necessary walking break to stretch your legs before you jump back on again :)