Friday, February 6, 2009

February 5th Spending

Total Spent...$0. Woohoo!!!

Yes, another no spend day!!! I hit up the gym after work and came home and crashed. There was nothing I needed, so I stayed away from stores. Hubby was meeting up with his guys, at one of their houses, so he didn't have to spend either. Oh, and I got the $36.xx from my Amazon sales! And hubby is staying after school today to help with the b-ball games, so he'll make a little extra too.

On a side landlord hasn't cashed my past 2 rent checks. Granted we are only a week into February, but still. I have to be super conscience of how much money I have in my account and subtract out both rent checks to figure out how much I actually have to move around. He lives over 4 hours away, so I mail them, so I get worried to that maybe they got lost in the mail and he's thinking we didn't pay him yet. Oh well.

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