Thursday, January 8, 2009

Purging Day 8

Well after giving rid of all the mismatched earrings yesterday, I decided to go through and pull out all the earrings that I don't wear any more. They all have their partners, so they can go to Goodwill.

I also discovered while cleaning out that I have ten thousand little baggies, each containing a single button. It's great that clothes manufacturer provide extra buttons in case you lose one, but all those little bags take up space. So I moved all the
buttons into one of the bigger bags. Now I can use the other bags to keep small items together. I folded them, and put them all into one of the bags and whatever didn't fit got tossed.

Hubby also called me out on being a pack rat tonight. We finished off a box of homemade goodies from one of his students that was in a super cute Christmas box. I said we should keep it because we might be able to use it next year to give away cookies. He made a good point though that there is no use storing something for 12 months that we MIGHT use, and could get at the dollar store if we need to. He said that we had no problems giving out cookies this year without. I guess I still have to work on saving things. :-)


Frugal Dreamer said...

You're doing so great with the purging!! :-) Which shows you are letting go of the pack-rat within! Hah! ;-)

snowybrook said...

Hi Great Job purging. My hubby is the park rat here. He works at target and can find (display pots with super sticky double sided duct tape to secure them to the shelf and steal thin cables to hold the lids. It had those over a year before I could use them, once he found something to scrap off the sticky tape so they wouldn't be forever attached to a burner and a cable cutter. Use or lose huh?

Simplelivin' said...

Thanks! :-)

Def. use or lose! Great job in making them usable! Thanks for stopping by :-)