Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Purging Day 20

Yesterday was the pants...today is the tee shirts. I think I'm the proud owner of more tee shirts than anyone could wear in a month...okay maybe two months. Most, if not all I got for free. Either from college, work, for joining something or running a race. I just have a hard time parting with them. For one, I don't have any fancy workout clothes, I just wear a tee shirt and shorts. I also wear them to work, or chilling or whenever I can. They ranged in size from children's large to an adult XL. I gave all the XL's to my hubby, and some larges also. It's sad that these are the only ones that I can part with at the moment.

So here's a question. What do you workout in? I know some say they have to feel good about how they look, so they wear a matching outfit, some wear sweatpants, some wear tank tops, and some are like me and swear by a tee shirt. So what do you wear?

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