Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 3nd Spending

Total Spent...$41.54.

We did our grocery shopping on Saturday this week, which is good since I woke up sick this morning :-( We only spent $39.54 which is very impressive for us since we didn't use any coupons and went to the health food store.

The other $2 was from Best Buy. Hubby had to return a gift, and the one he brought was slightly more.

It's sad to think that the holidays are over. Now it's back to normal. Is it just me, or does winter seem to drag by? If your in California or Florida or some place warm it's probably different, but just seeing everything brown and dead, and the cold and wind just makes it gloomy. At least looking forward to Christmas and seeing all the decorations cheer things up, but now we have almost 3 full months until Spring, and not much in between. We don't even get much snow where I live to give everything that lovely pure glow. Sorry for rambling, I think my cold meds are getting to me head, I better take a nap.

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