Friday, January 30, 2009

January 29th Spending

Total spent...$0! Woohoo!!!

I was working on our budget last night, entering everything into the excel sheet and it looks like we did pretty well this month so far. With only 2 days left I'm hoping to keep things as they are.

We are hanging out tonight with hubby's brother and his wife and going to the movies to see Mall Cop! Kevin James is hilarious! Luckily they have free movie passes, so that shouldn't cost anything. So we maybe able to get through today without spending.
Tomorrow we are heading out to my parents house. Again, it shouldn't cost us anything (except gas of course), but my mom enjoys shopping with me, and it's hard because they live so close to outlets. I do have a gift card from Christmas, so maybe I'll bring that with me just in case. Because our weekend is pretty busy, there's a really good chance I won't have the time to blog :-( Sad I know. Try not to miss me too much :-)

Oh, I did go to the gym last night, and I was able to do 6 miles in 62 minutes! The intervals kick my butt still, but I'm hoping to start trying to run straight through soon.

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