Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 17th Spending- Done planning

Total Spent...$27.48

So officially done planning out my least until work dies down a bit, either that or God is trying to teach me to let go of control.

Since I covered a few time at work for this one guy, he offered to cover for me last night so I got to leave work at 5 instead 8 or 9! Since hubby was having his boys over and wasn't expecting me till after 8 I decided I would get some of my errands done and...a trip to the gym! I ran to the mall to pick up my new contacts first. I can finally see! After 2 weeks of having a much weaker pair it's great! While I was there I had to talk myself out of many personal items. I actually caved enough and tried on some things at The Loft and Express, but luckily I didn't buy them. I do need an outfit for a wedding right after Christmas, but I want to see what I can pull together from my wardrobe first. I didn't walk out empty handed though. I spent $8.47 on a gift for hubby. I know we said we weren't buying anything else, but he needs a new controller for his PS2, so I got him one. It could have been worse...I was looking at a wireless one for $29.99 +tax. You'd have to keep buying batteries for it, just for the convience of sitting across the room without a wire. No thank you.

I also stopped at CVS where my plan of what to buy fell to piece when they were out of two of the things I wanted :-( I also bought an item I didn't have on my list but I needed because I was stupid when I was a lifeguard and walked around the pool barefooted...oops. That was $14 and cause the big dent in my money spent.
I bought 2 bottles of St. Ives lotion for $5 each, which earned me $5 in ECB's. I had $6 in ECB previously, so I would have paid $4. Then I bought 2 Soft and Dri deodorants at $2.99 a piece. They each earned me $2 ECB, plus...they had $0.55 off peelies on each, bringing their total to $4, so I bought a box of candy canes and paid with the ECB's and $.76 out of pocket.
So I now have $4 ECB's for next time :-)

Plus... I WENT TO THE GYM!!! First time in almost 2 weeks! I didn't do much, but even 20 minutes of cardio is nice when you haven't done any in awhile :-)


Anonymous said...

GOing to the gym feel great, huh? I'm trying to motivate myself to go right now. It's not working so well!

Simplelivin' said...

Yes, going to the gym feels amazing! Sometimes getting up the energy to go is a pain, but once I'm there I love it!!! Good luck on the motivation!