Monday, November 24, 2008

New look

If you look over at my sidebar you'll notice some new bars. I (finally!) figured out how to add tracker bars to show my progress in paying off debt and saving.
I was very excited to see that I have already paid off over half of mine in in the past 3 years! Woohoo!!!

My original goal was to have hubby's loan paid off by the end of 2010, but looking at it now, if we push ourselves, I think we can have it paid off by the end of his school year next year, which would be May 2010!

I know that a lot can happen in the next 2 years from losing a job, to having a baby, to getting a promotion, so I will update our goals as we approach the said dates (hopefully more aggressively)

So as of now here are our goals:

*Live in our new apartment for at least 2 years (Aug. 2010)
*Pay Hubby's loan by May 2010
*Pay My loan off by Sept 2010

I'm stating it so it's in writing and I will be held accountable. Plus, I can look back it every time I want to buy something (like a new lens for my camera).

What are your goals?


Serendipity said...

Student Loans can be the devil but it looks like you guys are doing awesome with them! Keep it up! :)

Simplelivin' said...

Thanks for the encouragement!