Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Limited Spending Day 10

Total Spent....$8.19 on candy for hubby's students. I don't get candy why do they??!?! Oh well.

So we are 1/3 through the month! It's funny because as soon as you can't run out and buy whatever you need you start to realize what you need. I ran out of conditioner a few days ago, and normally when I start running low I'll buy another one. Well I decided to look through our linen closet and found an almost brand new bottle from the summer! Same thing with my body wash...I'm almost out, but I have a ton from various gifts from Bath and Body Works that I'm going to use up. Not only am I saving money on items I don't need because apparently I have a closet full of extras, but I'm also de-cluttering our closet! Woohoo!!

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