Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FREE Photobook

I was watching Opera today and she's doing a series on de-cluttering! It's over a six month time period, so I'm excited to see what all they come up with from now till May. Well she mentioned that there is a free giveaway for her viewers. If you visit her site, at, she has instructions on how to receive a free 8x11 almost $30 value! It's only good for the next 48 hrs though, so it expires around 4pm on Friday.

We have been planning on giving one to my hubby's parents for Christmas and now I wish we had worked on it some more on it. Oh well, maye something else will come up.

The reason she gave it away was because they used it as an example to de-clutter from kid artwork. Now, I don't have any kids yet, but I know when I was little I drew/painted/colored etc. tons of pictures. The great thing with digital cameras is that you can take a picture of the artwork and publish it is the book. Now you only have a small, organized photo album v.s. hundreds of pictures of all shapes and sizes, and hopefully not covered in glitter because we all know that glitter doesn't stay on paper!

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